American Eagle Motor Leaking Grease, What To Do?

Sometimes there is grease coming out from a small pinhole at the top of my motor (AE-G12NM/AE-G22NM), what should I do?

All of our meat grinder motor transmissions are packed full with lithium grease during manufacturing. On occasion, the transmission may have slightly more grease than necessary to run the machine and to relieve any pressure caused by the additional grease, a small pinhole exists at the top of the machine away from any food contact surfaces. When the machine is new, grease may sometimes come out of the small pinhole during the break-in period. This is completely normal and nothing to be concerned about.

Simply wipe the grease away, and once the break-in period ends, no more grease should come out. The more you use the machine, the sooner the break-in period will complete and the grease will settle inside the transmission casing.

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