American Eagle Meat Cutter Cleaning Instructions

How do I clean my meat cutter?

Please make sure that the machine is unplugged, and the meat cutter attachment is removed off the motor unit. Once you take off the outer casing of the attachment, we recommend manually washing the attachment shaft assemblies, using warm soapy water with a long, soft bristle, wire brush and high pressure, hot water, hose to rinse out the blades. Once everything is washed, they will have to be fully air dried and we recommend spraying some cooking oil onto the blades in preparation for short term storage (i.e. you will be using the machine again the following day). If you are storing the cutter for long-term, please use a food safe silicone spray or other oil spray which will not become rancid.

DO NOT put your meat cutter blade assemblies into a dishwasher, as it can damage the internal parts. The stainless steel outer casing, however, can be put into the dishwasher. 
Please make sure to wear gloves rated to handle sharp blades when washing or handling the meat cutter assembly. These blades are extremely sharp, and can easily cut you if you are not careful!

Detailed instructions are available on pages 8-9 in your meat cutter manual, as well as in our demonstration video below:

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